3126 Athletics Member Highlight: LaDawn

If you’ve been around the evening classes for a while, then you no doubt have met LaDawn.

When she first started, she was the quiet girl in class who went through each WOD very diligently but with as much intensity as possible each single time!

After the 2016 Open, LaDawn told us her goal was to get stronger for the 2017 Open, and man oh man has she been committed to that goal.

Along with her regular gymnastics classes, she has started coming to regular WODS more often, especially our weightlifting sessions; have you seen her hit a snatch recently? It’s awesome!

Not to mention knocking out pullups like crazy, and sporting quite the impressive range of back and bicep muscles!

We really enjoy having LaDawn as part of the 3126 family and look forward to helping her reach her goals!

In her own words, this is why LaDawn does 3126 Athletics!

“Last summer, my husband and I signed up for a Spartan Race, an obstacle race that requires you to do 30 burpees every time you fail an obstacle . At the last minute I backed out because I realized I didn’t have the upper body strength required for many of the obstacles. As a result, I decided to join 3126 Athletics.

I had friends that did 3126 Athletics and I knew it would be a good way to gain upper body strength. I also thought the group aspect of 3126 Athletics would be more fun and motivational than working out solo at the gym.

When I started 3126 Athletics in the fall my two main goals were to learn to do rope climbs and to be able to do unassisted pull-ups. Initially, being able to do pull-ups seemed unattainable but I accomplished those two goals within five months of starting at 3126!

Now my main goal is to be able to lift heavier weights so I can do the prescribed workouts in the Open next year. I participated in the 2016 Open but I did the scaled (or easier) version of all the workouts.
I have always been active but my workouts before I joined 3126 Athletics were more cardio based or body weight workouts. When I did lift weights I didn’t push myself so I would plateau very quickly. I did long distance running so I had endurance, but 3126 Athletics is building total body fitness that I didn’t have before.
It is so exciting to see constant improvement and to see that my body can do so much more than I thought was possible!”