3126 Athletics Member Highlight: Nathan

Our member of the month for November is Nathan!
You can’t be a part of 3126 and not know Nathan. You won’t find someone who works harder, and cheers for other more than him. A constant bundle of energy, Nathan gives 110% every single day!
Now let’s hear from him.
“Eight months after coming to a major crossroads in my life I was introduced to 3126 Athletics. I had been a member at Wrench and I asked about the place next-door. That night I went on YouTube and I was blown away. 3126 Athletics seemed awesome and having just moved from Montreal the prospect of getting fit and joining a healthy community was especially appealing. 3126 Athletics quickly became the cornerstone of all my personal growth. The friendship and sharing of success as a group By seeing people reach their goals is amazing. 3126 Athletics is the glue that holds together all my newly acquired healthy habits. Right now my goals are pretty simple, I want to be bigger, stronger and faster. I also want to be able to do multiple muscle ups, toes to bar and double unders. More importantly I want to continue to grow, feel great and continue to share all of it with the great folks at 3126.”