2017 Member #5 – the little firecracker known as @charlena.robinson ! “Hi-yaaaaah!

My highlights of the year are
1) still being a member at 3126 Athletics So 3 yrs end of march 2018

2) seeing and watching Brent, David, chandra, tristan and Stevie go to 3126 Athletics and can’t stop talking about the WOD

3) having the confidence to help with “cycle Path” which evolved into SPRA certification then spin class 2x week. Loosing inches off hips and legs 💪

4) having the strength, mobility and confidence to register and become certified with Agatsu Kettlebell in Port Moody

5) and thennnnnn Brent wanting and interested in attending with me and excelling at the weekend course

6) ladies nights out and weekend adventures and our breakfast club

7) helping others

And deadlifting 175 lbs

8) festivus

9) the laughing, swearing ( maybe at judges) and sometimes crying.

Super grateful for all the family BBQ’ potlucks 👍

Kind of weird we are older than most of the young ones parents there but everybody is very kind, happy and respectful.”