Member Highlight #12 belongs to Jono!!! Probably the most aggressive workout face ever belongs to the sweetest guy we know!
“My highlight isn’t something you can really quantify. My wife and I moved to Martensville in September 2015 from Sioux Lookout, ON. Anytime you move somewhere, it takes time for that new place to feel like home. It takes time to build new friendships, and become familiar with your surroundings. In 2017 Martensville started to feel like home. 3126 Athletics was a definite part of that. Having a place where everyone is friendly and working to a similar goal of a healthy lifestyle is great.

The people aren’t just friendly, they’re super friendly. When my wife became pregnant, we had to let Rej know before others since he would coach her on what’s safe and what’s unsafe to do. We’ve told a lot of people since him, but his excitement for us was second only to my Mom. Thanks everybody for your enthusiasm, high fives, fist bumps, smiles, tenacity to improve, and being a welcoming bunch. “