3126 Athletics Member Highlight: Lonny & Emma

Time for our March Members of the Month!! Lonny and Emma are one of the main reasons we love 3126 Athletics so much. It’s not about going to the games, it’s not about lifting a ton of weight, it’s about getting in better shape, being with family, making friends, gaining confidence and having fun! Here is their story:

“Hi, I’m Emma. Before I started at 3126 Athletics I was a shy, self-conscious girl and scared of what people might think of me. I was first introduced to 3126 Athletics in 2015 through a school field trip and went a few times with a friend to the kid’s class. But soon I found I wanted more of a challenge and after talking with the coaches they felt I was able to participate in the regular 3126 Athletics classes where the workouts would be harder and really put me to the test. It was then that my Dad asked me if he could come along with me and of course I said yes.

I’m Lonny and that sounds just about as I remember it although my journey is quite different from Emma’s. When we moved here from PA, I joined up on a hockey team and a ball team and continue to have a lot of fun with some really amazing people. But I felt myself slowing down. Honestly, I chalked it up to turning 40 a couple years ago and I reasoned that some of my old war wounds from hockey were catching up to me. I found that my shoulders and lower back always hurt, my feet a train wreck and my knees would get sore whenever they felt like it. However, the true epiphany for me came one morning while I was getting ready for work. Whether it was by accident or in spite, it was clear to me that my wife had shrunk all my pants. I was upset, felt ashamed and knew in my heart that my super tight pants would never be a trendsetting style, like skinny jeans.

My Dad is such a dork. We now go to 3126 Athletics normally three or four times per week. Everyone we meet there are nice, supporting people. We try our hardest during the workouts to find our strength, kick some butt and most important of all, have fun. Even though I need to work on a lot of things 3126 Athletics has made me more self-confident in myself and has made me stronger. Thank you 3126 Athletics for helping make myself a better me.

Thanks Em. I would like to echo those sentiments. We have only been part of the 3126 Athletics family for a year and a half. Reg, Carly and Brinn – you are more than great coaches, you are great people and I thank you. And while I have only scratched the surface of my own fitness, I feel my muscles turning back into iron a little bit more every day. My old injuries, aches and pains that were an excuse for me before are dissolving into nothing. I love this sport and can’t wait to see what’s next.”