2017 Member Highlights #2. As we know him – The undisputed king of insta posts! Always a blast Aaron!
My highlight of year 2017 isn’t the pr’s, accomplishments or improvements. It isn’t muscle ups, rope climbs or even learning how to skip (well maybe a little bit skipping). If you put in the effort, the results will take care of themselves. The one thing I did not expect to gain from 3126 Athletics and my highlight is all the friends I have made since joining. I joined with the intention of staying in the back, doing the work out and ditching class as soon as I finished. I didn’t plan on learning anyone’s names let alone telling them mine. Now I show up early and stay as late as possible before heading to work. Thanks to Rej, Carly, Brinn and the 6am crew for making my gym transition as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. I’m looking forward to another year of smashed goals.