2017 Member Highlight #3. The man, the myth, the @papa_bear_1964 !
“2017 for this guy was amazing, I have thought a lot about this and here it is.

My greatest highlight was watching Carly get healthier every week then returning to coaching duties..Filled my heart

Next would have to be the summer parking lot work outs with Reg, inspiring, auxillarating , challenging and just down right fun, pushed me to limits I never thought possible…emptied my lunges haha

Watching Charlena evolve from student to leader, confidence growing and always thriving to improve

Teaming up with the “beast” Lonnie, his calmness and thoughtfulness coupled with his horse power and great attitude made him a fantastic fit with me, I am still surprised how well we did together.

Seeing a couple more members of my clan show up and start working out with me is pretty cool, I hope they stay at it and see and feel the results I have.

The friendships that grew this year, the encouragement, push and the drive Kurtis and I give each other is energizing every morning, the entire morning crew is so awesome, couldn’t do it every morning with out them. Getting to know the rest of the crazy 3126 Athletics members better and watching everyone improve always keeps me wanting to come again.

Then there is me, I PR’d everything, had a bunch of first times for me… I just feel better, stronger, healthier and really like the man I am becoming.

Charlena thanks for asking me to join you at 3126 Athletics
Carly thanks for asking me if I would come back and try a second class..
Reg thanks for being the key player in every thing else, I wouldn’t be the guy I am without you. You are the best coach I could have.

PS, oh ya almost forgot…kicking supreme ass on the ski erg”