3126 Athletics Member Highlight:  Brent and Charlena Robinson

We are very happy to highlight Brent and Charlena Robinson!  Brent and Charlena show up bright and early with big smiles and great attitudes ready to take on any WOD at 3126!  They are part of the awesome “6am crew” ready to start their day off right.  Brent and Charlena have both made tremendous progress since starting at 3126 and are true examples of what we believe 3126 Athletics is about: making yourself better to DO LIFE!  Whether it’s off to the lake to chop wood, kayak, or chase around grand-kids these two have made their lives better with 3126 Athletics.  We are very proud of these two, if you see them at the box or around town be sure to high five them on their determination, commitment and progress!

3126: When/why did you get started?

Charlena: I started in March 2015, loved being able to commit to a 6 a.m. workout  not realizing at the time how much I would benefit for my strength and energy always being my main focus. Wow… how I have built strength, endurance, flexibility and the ability to do crazy things I have never done before, such as a Hand Stand push-up or box jumps.

I started 3126 Athletics for a couple of reasons

1:  I wanted to be able to continue biking, hiking, kayaking and maybe running again as I was 51 and could feel I wasn’t as strong as I used to be nor did I have the energy I wanted.

2: Of course my goal was to lose some weight which I have lost 26 lbs since 2013 and my goal is to lose continue to make progress and loose some more.  That being said!  I love the fact that I am no longer OBSESSED with weight and hope to inspire younger people that a “healthy lifestyle” is all about happiness, love, motivation, energy, strength, exercise and feeling that you always have support of friends and family!  We feel very blessed as Brent and I are able to share this part of our 37 year marriage. Our Children and Grandchildren are very supportive and encourage, inspire and motivate us daily.

Brent: Charlena invited me along for 1 class. I had no idea what she was up to but seemed to like and raved about the coaches. I went and realized how out of shape I was and how much strength I had lost over the years. The way we worked out suited me, we flipped tires, lifted weights, sit ups and box jumps. It was changing through out the hour and not boring. I knew the only way to get some strength back was to show up again. By the end of the month I was going 3-4 times a week.

What was your fitness regimen before you started 3126?  

Charlena: I have tried everything but I have never worked this hard at any one thing nor for this length of time.  I love that it is always changing and you can be at the BOX 5 days a week and know it is programmed for each muscle group.  I can honestly say 3126 Athletics has changed both of our lives. One thing for certain I know I can take on anything and  succeed, I look forward to my future health, energy and strength.

Before it was non existent and I now try to go 5 times a week. I always do something at home as well. I eat  better then I ever have.  Now I cannot imagine life without 3126 Athletics, without the great coaches, Carly and Reg and my life partner Charlena working out with me.

3126: Why 3126 Athletics?

Great workout, I feel confident and know we can always rely on our coaches and others at the box for advice, help and encouragement. The friends we workout with are amazing. We can share the pain, the fun, the laughs, the encouragement and even some tears when necessary.  I  am always amazed at how everybody is so motivating no matter what. We encourage each other when we feel Reg forgot to do the math

I was over 260 lbs, could hardly sleep, played out easily and would avoid any hard work. I was out of shape. I am turning 52 next week and now 200 lbs. over 2 feet in inches smaller and have the stamina of a young man again. My strength is returning and I feel fantastic.

3126: Favorite exercise/WOD or moment @3126

Every day is an adventure at the box and mostly love all the WOD’s (sort of)

My favorite workouts are deadlifts and squats. I am really starting to like running. When I started I could not run 100 meters now I can run 1000 meters and sprint as well.

3126:  What are your current goals? Any Closing words?

Charlena:  I recently went to New Zealand with only a backpack and was able to “tramp” as New Zealanders call it, WhiteWater Raft down a Level 5, 7 meter waterfall and stayed in the raft while only hanging on with my thumb, but honestly I contribute my strength in my hands to 3126 Athletics. I bike to the box, to work, around the city and I am always amazed at the recovery time. I have been ploughed into on the slopes in Lake Louise and came away with only a bruise, again I contribute my strength, flexibility and ability to bounce up start skiing again to WOD’s.
Brent and I are climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa in October,2016 and believe our training, commitment and determination are the key elements for our success to reach the summit.  Upon returning from our trip we will return to our 6 a.m. group of friends and continue with 3126 Athletics.

Brent: 3216 Athletics has changed my life in so many ways. I can bend over and tie my shoes, before 3126 Athletics I could not. I have so much more energy I can’t measure it. I get up before my alarm almost every day. I look forward to physical work. I can focus better. My confidence is very high. I am not scared of any challenge. I am now happy to be ME.  3216 Athletics now is scheduled into every day. I read about it, watch videos about it and do it. It changed how I think about fitness, how I eat, how I sleep and how I carry out my day.
None of this is possible with out some help. For me lots of help.  1st I want to thank Charlena for helping me eat better and inviting me to the Box with her.  2nd  Carly and Reg for taking me on.  They have done everything to help me succeed, scaled my WODs, Encouraged me when I was discouraged, pushed me when I needed a push. pulled me back when I needed a pull. They have truly cared about my success. 3rd The entire 6 a.m class! They are my new friends, positive and inspiring.