2017 Member Highlight #8! The big man @kevinburrell7 !
“My sister, Andrea Hamilton and her family bugged me for months to come try out 3126 Athletics. I was wanting to get into better shape for a sledding trip to the mountains so I decided to give it a try. I found out very quickly how badly out of shape I was. I used to play football, baseball and hockey but hadn’t done anything for about 10 years other than sit at a desk. Rej and Brinn were so supportive and encouraging as coaches it made 3126 Athletics fun instead of frustrating. Almost a year later now we finally got enough snow to ride my snowmobile. I was shocked today when I was pounding through deep drifts that I never seemed to get tired. The last several years I would hit a few bumps or make a couple turns and have to stop for a rest. Today it seemed as if I could go forever. So, I have reached my original goal that I had for 3126 Athletics. Time for new goals I guess. My goal for this year is being able to perform more of the movements properly. Maybe be able to snatch more than a pvc. 😁 3126 Athletics is like no other gym I have seen before. Everyone is friendly and supportive. I look forward to seeing my family and new friends every time I go. ”
See you at the gym KevBot!!