3126 Athletics Member Highlight: Trevor

Say hello to Mr. December!
Trevor is our member of the month and we all know Trevor as the 3126 King of Rowing!
Through quiet consistency Trev has become quite the 3126 Athletics force! Keep it up bud!
“I was one of those people that laughed at my buddies because they always talked about 3126 Athletics, secretly I was jealous because of the improvements I saw but I never got into it. I was never big on going to the gym mainly because I really had no idea how to put together a workout program or what I should work on and when. When I transferred into the city for work I decided I needed to get back into shape, I didn’t realize just how out of shape I had become until I started at 3126, in my line of work it was actually embarrassing. Now I would almost say I can’t get enough of the box, it’s become a second family and my progress has ten fold from where I started. Each day I’m pushed to the point of lying on the floor and I actually enjoy it! I have to say joining 3126 was the best decision I’ve made to change the road my fitness was on and it’s thanks to the coaching and strangers from the gym that are now friends.”